Aslandsskoli and Tenhet's Titans at it again!

Once again...packages have exchanged hands between Mr. Tenhet's class in the United States and Miss Jenny's "Odin's World" at Aslandsskoli in Iceland. Enjoy the short movie below that contains some of the pictures from the "opening" party...:)

Contact...Brazil and Singapore

The GLE is proud to showcase another partnership that includes Patricia Pettanati and the English Forever School in Brazil, and Rose Manuel's class at Jurong West Primary in Singapore. Enjoy the pics below...


Please welcome the newest school to our global project...

Singapore-NASA Deep Space Network CONTACT!

GLE is celebrating it's first successful Skype call with NASA's Deep Space Network. Special thanks to Karla Warner from NASA-DSN and Rose Manuel and her administration/IT Department out at Jurong West Primary School. It was an event that will not be soon forgotten. We at the GLE (and our partner teachers) look forward to a long and meaningful relationship with our new friends at NASA. Global Learning Exchange...Think outside the box!

See the pics below.

GLE at CUE in Palm Springs!

GLE was highlighted at the recent CUE (Computer Using Educators) Conference in Palm Springs, California. We were able to host Rose and her son Ethan, as well as a number of students (Titans) from my classroom here in the United States. We stayed overnight and it was a lot of fun.

This video is a podcast interview done by CUE. Enjoy...

GLE in the US news...

Here is a video of a newscast in the United States about the Global Learning Exchange.

GLE's First Newscast in United States

Here is a newscast highlighting the GLE during it's infancy.

TITAN 2009 Interactions

Here is a taste of the numerous Skype events between the United States and Singapore. Kids, parents, and teachers alike were impressed with the interactions!

GLE Featured in Singapore's "School-Bag"

Recently, GLE was featured in an educational periodical in Singapore called School-Bag. Please click HERE to visit the site and read the informative article!

Antarctica Skype Call/Presentation

Recently, the GLE was used to bring an expert to the classroom. In this case the expert was thousands of miles away in Antarctica. I would like to thank Jean Pennycook from Penguin Science as she was able to put on a fantastic show from REALLY far away. She had the kids engaged and loving it! Thanks Jean!

Romania Event

Back in 2008, the Titan class got together with students from a school in Romania. It was truly a Saturday to remember as kids and parents came out on a non-school day to interact worldwide.

Palm Springs CUE Conference 2009

The Titan class of 2009 was able to send a team to Palm Springs in the desert of the Western United States. The mission was to the CUE Conference and Student Showcase.The kids were able to speak in front of other participants... They made me and the GLE very proud. Rose and her son, Ethan were able to join us too from Singapore.

Singapore Student/Family Submissions

Here is just a tiny bit of the great work done by some of Rose’s fantastic students. Enjoy!

First Interactions

Here is a brief slideshow of some of the first interactions between the classes of Rose Manuel (Singapore)and Troy Tenhet (United States).

Connecting with Experts

A 6th grade class learns about penguins live from a scientist working in Antarctica