Amazing Prezi Courtesy of Singapore

US Package Arrives in Singapore

With some fanfare, the US package of letters arrives!

Mr. Tenhet shares Titan Experiences (via ePals) at ISTE: PART TWO

Hi everyone,
Recently, in San Diego, California at the ISTE Conference I was able to share our amazing experiences with ePals and Skype with teachers from all over the world. I was able to talk about specific projects that included ones with Iceland and Norway. It was a lot of fun sharing and presenting. I was also able to do the media sessions for ePals. I think that the latest ePals project, called iSOLVE should be a global hit. Enjoy a few pics.

ISTE ePals Presentation 2012

I really enjoyed visiting San Diego last week and attending the ISTE Conference! Working with the ePals people was a lot of fun. I am attaching a few slides...Looking forward to greatness next year.

Social Learning Summit

Hi everyone...CST Exams next week. We've been "off the grid" for a few months. I was able to recently present some of our adventures with ePals and Skype at the Social Learning Summit, put on by Classroom 2.0 on April 21st. It was a lot of fun. Here is a link to my session recording. We had a few technical difficulties but it was still cool. I am working on a weather project with Pakistan and North Carolina. More info soon. See link below!

Titan Flag Flying Proudly (again) Over McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Once again, the Titan Flag flies over the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. Thanks to Titan Ashley, we again have extended our global presence to the South Pole. Enjoy the pic that I "screen captured" from the webcam at!