GLE Plans For Bringing In The Experts...ROCKETRY!

My plan for next school year is to bring in an expert from NASA-JPL. It appears that scientists and teacher specialists are available to speak with us via Polycom Video. I ended up going to a training the other day... So, we need Polycoms! Some day I'll find funding...

US Student Comments: Singapore-USA Skype Call

Just a few letters that I scanned in to show the positive effects of a Skype call between classrooms on opposite sides of the world...Enjoy!

GLE Iceland-USA Project Article

Hello everyone... The GLE's Iceland-USA Project was recently highlighted by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Website. After two hours of filming and a number of student interviews, a recent interaction between Bill L. Williams Elementary School in Bakersfield, California and Aslandsskoli School in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. Skype held up fairly well. The website and article are located at: