SharkTooth Mountain Excavation

True to our mission in regards to learning outside of the classroom, numerous students from Mr. Tenhet's class converged on SharkTooth Mountain during this past Spring Break. Yes! Students learning while on vacation! Enjoy the pictures below...:)

Letters from the United States...

In response to a recent Skype call with Aslandsskoli School in Iceland, a few of my students jotted down some of their thoughts... I have attached some of the more legible ones. Enjoy.

Iceland-USA Haiku Planning Skype Call

Students from Mr. Tenhet's class and Mrs. Runarsdottir's class collaborate via Skype. The topic is the development of Haikus and the apparent inability of Mr. Tenhet's students to say anything correctly in Icelandic. Students had a good-natured laugh at our expense. It was a fun time for both sides. We look forward to reading our Haikus in a few weeks. A few pics are included below for your enjoyment!

CUE 2011...Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

On the way home we couldn't resist... The team stopped off at the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. It's quite an experience...not for the faint of heart! We traveled up to about 8900 feet above sea level! Snow and wind!!! Enjoy a few of the views.

CUE Conference...Palm Springs 2011

Finally, I was able to take another student team to the CUE Conference with the help of a generous donation from KCSOS/CTAP Region 8. We presented the GLE at the Student Showcase. Enjoy a few of the pictures below!

Argentina Teacher Interview

Recently, students from Mr. Tenhet's class were able to interview a teacher from Argentina. Maria Bossa was very generous with her time as she fielded all of our numerous questions. It was a great experience. See a few pics below...