Success! Antarctica Reconnects to the Titan Classroom

True to its mission to bring experts from the field into the classroom, the GLE is celebrating its most recent accomplishment... Jean Pennycook, a penguin researcher working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, was able to Skype into the Titan class. She spent about 45 minutes with the students, sharing penguin stories and her research mission. It was a powerful presentation that saw two separate screens running simultaneously as we had her video feed running from Camp Royds, Antarctica and additionally, her "penguin predation" Powerpoint presentation on another screen. I have posted some pictures (with permission) and will be adding scans of student reflections soon.

BINDE, Norway Project 2011

One of the less "technology-driven" interactions was with a school in Binde, Norway. It was a great (and patriotic) project for both sides...Enjoy the pics.

ICELAND Revisited 2011

It's been a great year for the GLE... 2011 has seen numerous interactions with countries all over the world. These countries include our friends at Aslandsskoli in Iceland. Here are some artifacts from a haiku project that I never posted. Epals and Skype in tandem to create meaningful classroom moments...Enjoy!

Egyptian History Expert Skypes in to Titan Class!

This past Friday, the Titan Class was treated to a presentation from Mr. Kamerance and Mr Baum on the East Coast. From a classroom at Mexico Middle School in New York, we were connected via Skype and were able to take part in a marathon session that covered Ancient Egyptian civilization. Mr. Kamerance is a caretaker of a real mummy. He is also an expert in "all things Egyptian." His animated lecture and masterful interaction kept the students on both sides of the USA glued to the big screen. From real Egyptian artifacts to x-rays of 2,000 year-old mummies, it was a long distance exchange to be remembered. True to the Titan goal of reaching the world through ePals and Skype, the pictures below show the fun and interaction!!!! Enjoy!

CA/NY Planning Session: Egyptian History Expert

True to the original objective of the GLE, once again, the Titans are preparing to greet an expert in the field of Egyptian Archaeology. Professor Kamerance, a retired college professor and mummy expert, will be speaking to eight 6th grade classrooms...Seven of them are at Mexico Middle School in New York. The eighth classroom is the Titan class in California. Target dates are November 29th and 30th. The Titan class will meet with him on the 29th at 9:50 PST. Over the Thanksgiving Weekend, Mr. Tenhet (California) and Mr. Baum (New York) were able to sort out the details. I have included some screenshots of the Skype call... more info/updates soon!

Student Comments: Petrie Museum London Skype Call

Here are just a few of the comments about the recent Skype call with Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London. Enjoy...