Kern CUE Conference 2010

Okay, the newest Titan Class has sent a team to the local Kern CUE Conference. Eileen, Seth, Alex, Breanna, Abby, and Jasmin were able to attend a number of sessions and then present at their own Student Showcase. I am proud of them! They said they had a great time. I know I did. Enjoy a few photos of the event that took place on November 13, 2010.

New Collaboration: BLW (USA) and SJI (Singapore)

St. Joseph's Institution and Bill L. Williams Elementary have started their collaboration. It begins with ePals letters and a Skype call is in the near future. I have attached some photos of the ePals tasks underway... Exciting times!

CUE-NAPA Presentation for Global Learning

Rich is at it again. He was up in NAPA (Northern California) for the CUE Conference. Click HERE for a link to the news release. I was lucky enough to be able to chime in during his event. We discussed our partnership with each other, Singapore, and the partnership with Mexico Middle School in New York State. I have included a few screenshots. Enjoy.