The Titan Class Flag Flies Over Antarctica

Life is good and GLE lives on! True to our philosophy of global student exposure, the latest Titan Class designed a school flag and had it flown over McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. The flag has been signed by the research team and along with a postcard for EVERY student, it is being sent back to the United States. A Skype call followed where Jean Pennycook, teacher and researcher, spoke to the Titan students via Skype about their research with an emphasis on penguin adaptations and life as a researcher on this very remote continent. I will post a slide show of the Skype event as soon as I can. In the meantime, check out the picks below.

Iceland-USA Holiday Package

Enjoy this brief slideshow that highlights a recent package that arrived in the US a few days ago. We are very happy to be working so well and closely with this unique bunch of friends from Iceland.