The show must go on!

Last week, GLE was excited to see an interaction between New York and California that focused on the cleaning of Roman coin. It was going to be cool because it was our turn (here in California) to do our excavations and begin the cleaning/identification process. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't cooperate with Mr. Baum over in New York. Thanks to a snow-storm, the Californians did their activity WITHOUT the presence of our friends in New York. Plans to re-connect are already set for the new year. in the meantime, enjoy a few pics from the December event...:)

GLE and the Glendale-Bakersfield Connection

One of GLE's latest events was a recent and brief interaction between Mr. Mellott's class in Glendale, California and Mr. Tenhet's classroom in Bakersfield, California. It was your basic meet and greet. Skype held up well. The photos below show some of the interaction, including images of Mr. Tenhet's students presenting their oral book reports to the students in Glendale. On another note, Mr. Mellott's class already works with a class in New York... Pics soon (I hope). Fun stuff!

Kern CUE Conference 2010

Okay, the newest Titan Class has sent a team to the local Kern CUE Conference. Eileen, Seth, Alex, Breanna, Abby, and Jasmin were able to attend a number of sessions and then present at their own Student Showcase. I am proud of them! They said they had a great time. I know I did. Enjoy a few photos of the event that took place on November 13, 2010.

New Collaboration: BLW (USA) and SJI (Singapore)

St. Joseph's Institution and Bill L. Williams Elementary have started their collaboration. It begins with ePals letters and a Skype call is in the near future. I have attached some photos of the ePals tasks underway... Exciting times!

CUE-NAPA Presentation for Global Learning

Rich is at it again. He was up in NAPA (Northern California) for the CUE Conference. Click HERE for a link to the news release. I was lucky enough to be able to chime in during his event. We discussed our partnership with each other, Singapore, and the partnership with Mexico Middle School in New York State. I have included a few screenshots. Enjoy.

BAM-GLE Event: The Road to the ISC

Using materials provided with funding from Bakersfield Adventures for the Mind (BAM), students in Mr. Tenhet's class embarked on their journey to the Intermediate Space Challenge. The ISC is an event in May 2011 out at the Mojave Space Port that has teams from all over the state competing in a rocket competition. It's more than just rockets. It's really about inquiry and teamwork. This event is titled "Foam Rockets" and the students are (and will continue to) building foam rockets powered by heavy duty rubber bands. The launches/testing will be dealing with the relationship between quality of design, angle of launch, and weather conditions. Students are encouraged to design, build, test, and modify their rockets. GLE is happy as this is an example of experts coming into the classroom for Science activities. Students at the ISC event will meet pioneers in space travel and aeronautics, as well as personnel from NASA-AERO Institute in Palmdale, California. Someday, GLE will help make this event a global endeavor. I'm guessing kids everywhere can benefit from Science, inquiry, and rocketry.

Look for a version of this event over the summer (2011) that will be supported by Bakersfield Adventures for the Mind (BAM).

Ancient Coin Project: New York-California

Recently, Mr. Tenhet's Advanced Math Class was able to get the preliminary introductions completed (via Skype). It was an interesting meeting of East Coast and West Coast. It was good stuff for sure. Next step is an excavation on our end. We have witnessed the New York excavation event already (pics soon). Enjoy a few photos below!

Singapore-Youth Olympics-USA Event 2010

Back in September, we has a most amazing event here at Global Learning Exchange. A representative from the Youth Olympic Games, Richard from Glendale, Rose in Singapore, and myself had a session using Skype 5.0 as the video platform. It was all pretty slick. I am including a slide-show of some of the images. Enjoy!

****Note: Images sound!

GLE Wins Award From ePALS!

GLE and the collaboration between Iceland and the United States has earned a Culture Exchange Award from the global platform ePALS... It was a great project and some of it is documented on this GLE public site. The program will continue next year with Iceland, Amsterdam, and Norway.

GLE in Thumbs Up Magazine

As each year passes us by, GLE continues to grow and become more known. We at GLE hope that this trend continues. 


GLE Plans For Bringing In The Experts...ROCKETRY!

My plan for next school year is to bring in an expert from NASA-JPL. It appears that scientists and teacher specialists are available to speak with us via Polycom Video. I ended up going to a training the other day... So, we need Polycoms! Some day I'll find funding...

US Student Comments: Singapore-USA Skype Call

Just a few letters that I scanned in to show the positive effects of a Skype call between classrooms on opposite sides of the world...Enjoy!

GLE Iceland-USA Project Article

Hello everyone... The GLE's Iceland-USA Project was recently highlighted by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Website. After two hours of filming and a number of student interviews, a recent interaction between Bill L. Williams Elementary School in Bakersfield, California and Aslandsskoli School in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. Skype held up fairly well. The website and article are located at:

At Last...The Singapore-USA Collaboration Renews!

After what seems like a long time, Rose and Troy's classes have reconnected via Skype. The connection was good. Rose directed the curriculum focus and students from both countries were presenting oral book reviews. As usual, the event was a special one. I have included some photos below. I have video footage too (I think) and should get that posted soon enough. Enjoy!

Aslandsskoli-BLW School Video Skype Call

On May 27th at 08:00 AM PST students from Aslandsskoli School in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland and Bill L. Williams Elementary School in the Western United States were able to meet via a Skype video call. This collaboration was possible due to a year-long relationship via EPALS. The kids were able to meet their "pen-friends" for the first time and actually be able to see them and talk to them in real time. Topics included the local volcano that is erupting nearby and its effect on their lives. US students were able to ask questions about it and share plans for the summer break as well. The Titan Class of 2011 will continue this relationship when school resumes in August 2010.

GLE and PORTS hit a homerun!

Once again, true to the vision of the GLE, experts have again entered the classroom via video-conference. PORTS (Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students) and Bill L. Williams Elementary School's 6th grades were able to learn about the Redwood Forest in Northern California without having to take a bus there! Ninety students got the benefit of speaking with a California Park Ranger about forest issues, the environment, different species, and park services for the public. Once again, students were actually taking pictures of the lesson. I have included some pictures below...