BAM-GLE Event: The Road to the ISC

Using materials provided with funding from Bakersfield Adventures for the Mind (BAM), students in Mr. Tenhet's class embarked on their journey to the Intermediate Space Challenge. The ISC is an event in May 2011 out at the Mojave Space Port that has teams from all over the state competing in a rocket competition. It's more than just rockets. It's really about inquiry and teamwork. This event is titled "Foam Rockets" and the students are (and will continue to) building foam rockets powered by heavy duty rubber bands. The launches/testing will be dealing with the relationship between quality of design, angle of launch, and weather conditions. Students are encouraged to design, build, test, and modify their rockets. GLE is happy as this is an example of experts coming into the classroom for Science activities. Students at the ISC event will meet pioneers in space travel and aeronautics, as well as personnel from NASA-AERO Institute in Palmdale, California. Someday, GLE will help make this event a global endeavor. I'm guessing kids everywhere can benefit from Science, inquiry, and rocketry.

Look for a version of this event over the summer (2011) that will be supported by Bakersfield Adventures for the Mind (BAM).

Ancient Coin Project: New York-California

Recently, Mr. Tenhet's Advanced Math Class was able to get the preliminary introductions completed (via Skype). It was an interesting meeting of East Coast and West Coast. It was good stuff for sure. Next step is an excavation on our end. We have witnessed the New York excavation event already (pics soon). Enjoy a few photos below!

Singapore-Youth Olympics-USA Event 2010

Back in September, we has a most amazing event here at Global Learning Exchange. A representative from the Youth Olympic Games, Richard from Glendale, Rose in Singapore, and myself had a session using Skype 5.0 as the video platform. It was all pretty slick. I am including a slide-show of some of the images. Enjoy!

****Note: Images sound!